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A good medical center includes well-trained and specialized doctors, who listen and care about their patients. At Renova Medical Center, patients get that and more. Our office has doctors who specialize in a wide range of treatments and procedures, including trigger point injection techniques. By serving locations in and around Columbia MO,  Renova Medical Center can address and treat all your needs.


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Dr. Rose

Dr. Aaron Rose has dedicated his life’s work to nutritional healing, detoxification therapy, and corrective chiropractic care. At his practice, Renova Medical Center in Columbia, Missouri, Dr. Rose promotes health and wellness by treating each patient from the inside out. Dr. Rose also treats patients at Prosperous Health Solutions in his Columbia office. He understands the complexity of the human body and how the musculoskeletal, metabolic, and nervous systems work together. By addressing each of these areas, he paves the way for long-term health.

Dr. Robert Calaluce

Dr. Robert Calaluce is a graduate of the Medical College of Wisconsin and also holds a Master’s degree from the University of Connecticut. He has devoted a portion of his career to studying the molecular biology of various cancers as well as chronic inflammation and the genomics of various diseases, and has published extensively in these areas. Moreover, he has taught Pathology at the universities of Arizona and Missouri. In Dr. Calaluce’s spare time, he enjoys Yoga, running (including completion of several marathons), hiking, coaching youth sports, and acquiring knowledge of alternative medicine practices.

Joni Ahern

Joni Ahern has been a nurse practitioner since 2016. She got her undergraduate degree from University of Missouri’s Sinclair School of Nursing and went on to get her Masters from South University online. She mentored with Dr. Just Puckett of Kirksville and Nurse Practitioner Kathy Lenz who is located in Boonville. She also has a BFA in Creative Writing with a minor in math, biology, and chemistry from Stephens College. In her spare time she writes YA Sci-fi and fantasy novels and plays softball.

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Don’t Trust Your Knees to Anyone Else!

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